Infosys Appitude Paper-8

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Infosys Apptitude question with answer
[Q:1] Find a five digit number subject to following conditions:-
a. It contains 2 prime no digits.
b. 3rd digit is the lagest.
c. 1st digit = (3 rd digit - 1).
c. Sum of 4th digit and 5th digit is less than 1st digit.
d. Value of the 5th digit lies between the value of 1st digit and 2nd digit, 5th digit is one half of the 4th digit.
Ans: 71842
6 Marks.
[Q:2] 1, 2 , 3, 4 digits are available. How many number of 4 digited numbers which are divisible by 4. (There should be no repetition of digits in the numbers) can be formed?
Ans: 6 numbers.
[q:3] Conversation between two employees is as follows:-
EMPLOYEE-1: Hello! Now your experience is twice the my experience.
EMPLOYEE-2: Exactly two times.
EMPLOYEE-1: But at the last meet, you said that your experience is thrice of my experience.
EMPLOYEE-2: That is when we met at 2 years back, your experience is thrice that of yours.
What is the experience of two employess with the company?
Ans: EMPLOYEE-1: 4 years EMPLOYEE-2: 8 years.
[Q:4] A hill of 440 yards is there. Two competitors JACK and JILL go up the hill, first JACK reaches the topmost and immediatly starts back and meet JILL 20 yards from the topmost point. Finally JACK reaches the starting point 0.5 minutes earler than JILL. Speed while coming down is 1.5 times the speed of going up. Find the time taken by JACK for whole journey (880 yards)?
Ans: 6.3 minutes.
[Q:5] A merchant in the last day sells 2 lamps for Rs.12 price. He finds that he has got 25 % gain on one and 20% lost on the other. Did he loose or gain overall? If so how much?
Ans: 60 paise Loss.
[Q:6] 4 persons are there caledd JOHN, JACOB, PITER, and WILLIAMS. 4 laungages are there named ENGLISH, ITALIAN, GERMAN, FRENCH. Conditions:-
a. There is no common language for all.
b. Except one language, no language is spoken by more than two.
c. One can know either German or FRENCH but not both.
d. John can't speak ENGLISH But John can act as interpreter between JACOB and PITER. Jacob knows GERMAN but he can tailk with WILLIAM who doesn't know a word of GERMAN.
e. No common language between JOHN, PITER, and WILLIAMS.
Which two languages does each person speaks?
8 Marks.
Hint: ITALIAN IS SPOKEN BY THREE PERSONS (This hint is given in Question paper)
[Q:7] 5 couples are there.
MEN: L, M, N, O, P.
WOMEN: S, T, U, V, W.
10 seats are in one row. Odd numberd seats are reserved for MEN only Like that many conditions are there.
This problem is from GRE-BARRONS BOOK.
Essay Writing
1. Machine will soon replace man.
2. In what way Industry helps society positively.
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