Infosys Appitude Paper-23

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Infosys Sample Test Paper

1. At 6'o a clock ticks 6 times.
The time between first and last ticks is 30 seconds.
How long does it tick at 12'o clock.

Ans: 66 sec. (2 marks)

2. Three friends divided some bullets equally.
After all of them shot 4 bullets the total number of bullets remaining is equal to the bullets each had after division.
Find the original number divided.

Ans: 18 (2 marks)

Initially . x x x
Now x-4 x-4 x-4
Equation is 3x-12 = x

3. A ship went on a voyage.
After it had travelled 180 miles a plane statrted with 10 times the speed of the ship.
Find the distance when they meet from starting point.

Ans: 200miles. (2 marks)
Distance travelled by plane = 1/10 distance travelled by ship + 180

4. Complete the Table given below:

Three football teams are there. Given below is the group table. Fill in the x's

Played Won Lost Draw Goals For Goals Against
A 2 2 x x x 1
B 2 x x 1 2 4
C 2 x x x 3 7

Ans: The filled table is given below (4 marks)

Played Won Lost Draw Goals For Goals Against
A 2 2 0 0 7 1
B 2 0 1 1 2 4
C 2 0 1 1 3 7

5. There are 3 societies A, B, C.
A lent cars to B and C as many as they had already.
After some time B gave as many tractors to A and C
as many as they have. After sometime c did the same thing. At the end of this transaction each one of them had 24.
Find the cars each orginally had.
Ans: A had 39 cars, B had 21 cars & C had 12 cars (4 marks)

6. There N stations on a railroad.
After adding X stations on the rail route 46 additional tickets have to be printed.
Find N and X.

Ans. x=2 and N=11

Let initially, N(N-1) = t
After adding, (N+X)(N+X-1) = t+46
By trail and error method (4 marks)

7. Given that April 1 is tuesday.
A, B, C are 3 persons told that their farewell party was on

A - May 8, thursday
B - May 10,tuesday
C - June 5, friday
Out of A, B, C only one made a completetly true statement concerning date,day and month
The other told two one told the day right and the other the date right..
What is correct date, month, day.

Ans: B - (May 10) SUNDAY
C - June 6 (Friday). (5 marks)

8. The Bulls, Pacers, Lakers and Jazz ran for a contest.
Anup, Sujit, John made the following statements regarding results.

Anup said either Bulls or Jazz will definitely win
Sujit said he is confident that Bulls will not win
John said he is confident that neither Jazz nor Lakers will win
When the result cameit was found that only one of the above three had made a correct statement.
Who has made the correct statement and who has won the contest.

Ans: Sujith; Lakers (5marks )

9. Five people A ,B ,C ,D ,E are related to each other.
Four of them make one true statement each as follows.

(i) B is my father's brother.
(ii) E is my mother-in-law.
(iii)C is my son-in-law's brother
(iv)A is my brother's wife.

Ans: (i) D
(ii) B
(iii) E
(iv) C (10 marks)

10. Some statements are given below:
L says all of my other four friends have money
M says that P said that exactly one among them has money
N says that L said that precisely two among them have money
O says that M said that three of the others have money
P, L and N said that they have money
All the above statement are false..
Who has money & who doesn't have any money?

(5 marks)
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