Infosys Appitude Paper-13

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Infosys Appitude question pattern

(1). All tallmen are handsome, fairskined, lean, muscular, rich and employed.
1. All handsome persons are fairskined.
2. Some muscular are fairskined and handsome.
3. All leans are muscular persons.
4. No fairskined person, who is not handsome, is rich.
5. Neither fairskined nor muscular are employed.
There are four questions based on the above.
8 Marks.
(2). Problem
(3). A software engineer starts from home at 3 pm for evening walk. He walks at a speed of 4 kmph on level ground and then at a speed of 3 kmph on the uphill and then down the hill at a speed of 6 kmph to the level ground and then at a speed of 4 kmph to the home at 9 pm. What is the distance on one way?
4 Marks.
(4). A bag contains certain number of files. Each file is numbered with one digit of 0 to 9. Suppose the person want to get the number between 1 to 2000 (or 7000 check ). How many minimum number of files should be present in the bag.
3 Marks.
(5). a + b + c +d = d + e + f + g = g + h + i =17.
If a = 4, what are the values of d and g. Each letter taken only one of the digit from 1 to 9.
8 Marks.
Ans: a = 4 ,b = 2, c =6, d = 5, e = 3, f = 8, g = 1, h = 7, i = 9.
(6). Six persons a, b, c, d, e & f went to solider cinema. There are six conseutive seats. A sits in the first seat followed by B, followed by C and soon. If A takes one of the six seats, then B should sit adjacent to A. C should sit adjacent to A or B. D should sit adjacent to A, B or C and soon. How many possibilities are there?
(7). suppose there are 4 grades a, b, c, d. (a is the best and d is the worst) 4 persons jack,jean,poul,lucy wrote then final exam and made the statements like this:-
1. Jack: If I will get A then Lucy will get D.
2. Lucy: If I will get C then Jack will get D.
3. Jack grade is better then that of Poul.
4. Jean: If jean doesnot get A, then Lack will not get A.
5. Poul: If Jack gets A, then Jean will not get B. Lucy will get C, I won't get either A or B.
If all the above statements are true, then which person will get which grades.
(8). Each man dances with 3 women. Each women dances with 3 men. Among each pair of men, they have exactly two women in comman. Find the no. of men & women.
1. Internet Revolution.
2. Role of Media for Young.
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