Tips to get clear the anna university exam

Do you want to clear the anna university examination easily? Its simple.
  • First you need to study the subjects according to the syllabus. 
  • You have to cover half syllabus in each unit. 
  • Dont forget to work out the example sum.
  • Try to read as per the syllabus
  • Go through the syllabus once then only you can identify the uncovered questions in the examination. 
  • Try to write all the question in the examination.
  • Try to write atleast 3 question correctly
  • Dont make any mistake in the 1st answer itself
  • Try to write legiblily
  • Be in time for the examination and write all the answers with proper time interval
  • Dnt study in over night before the examination. Proper rest and sleep is needed during the exam time which make to be active in the examination


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